Snetterton: Garness on the brink of glory

08 September 2022

The number 57 arrives into the penultimate weekend of the year as the odds-on Champion

Johnny Garness (MLav VisionTrack Academy) had his first chance to wrap up the 2022 Honda British Talent Cup last time out, but when all was said and done the diminutive number 57 came up just six points short. Short of what? The full century of points he would have needed to wrap it up before the final four races, showing the incredible run he’s been on of late. In Race 1 at Snetterton, therefore, he lines up with 19 points in hand over the 75-point advantage he needs to take the throne. So it’s surely just a matter of time…

Teammate Carter Brown (MLav VisionTrack Academy) is the sole remaining challenger to Garness, and whilst he’s mathematically in with a shout, the likely target is simply to win. Earlier in the season the two were on a literal par – getting 25 points apiece at Donington – and after Garness’ incredible pace of late Brown will want to show he can still beat his teammate. There are four races left for him to do that, and he’ll want to start on Saturday.

Behind the MLav VisionTrack Academy duo there remains plenty at stake. Rhys Stephenson (Rocket Racing) is currently third overall with a nine-point cushion over both Kiyano Veijer (Microlise Cresswell Racing) and Harrison Dessoy (Microlise Cresswell Racing/Eastern Garage Racing) as they’re equal on points, and that could change in a single race – with Harrison Crosby (Banks Racing) only another three off too.

They have a little breathing space in the squabble for third, with Lucas Brown (SP125/Amphibian Scaffolding) 23 further off in seventh, heading another tight fight for position overall. In the front group on track though, a huge portion of the field could feature – with the likes of Evan Belford (City Lifting by RS Racing) and Sullivan Mounsey (Wilson Racing/J&S Accessories) having made big impressions on their returns after missing races earlier in the year.

There’s everything to fight for at Snetterton and Garnes is almost left to race himself for the crown. Can he do it? We’ll find out this weekend with another two BTC races just around the corner!

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